The Field Excursions

Peridotite Workshop 2005 [Lanzo, September 27-30, 2005]

       Information on the Field Excursions

The Lanzo South field trip (southern flank of Mt. Musine’) will focus on mantle processes related to melt diffuse porous flow of fractional melts and melt impregnation (i.e. formation of plagioclase peridotites), to melt focused and reactive migration through plagioclase peridotites, forming reactive harzburgite zones and replacive dunite channels, and to incipient crystallization of MORB melts as interstitial cpx in dunites, as fuzzy gabbroic dikelets and dikes (Stops 1 and 2). We will present and discuss the evolution of the physico-chemical parameters controlling partial melting, open system melt-rock interaction and close system MORB melt migration in highly permeable dunite channels.

The Lanzo Nord field trip (between Lanzo and Viu in the Viu valley) will focus on processes related to melt migration and high-temperature deformation in the mantle and to igneous differentiation processes of mafic magmas in the lithosphere (Stops 1 and 2). We will also discuss the significance of granulite facies rocks within the Lanzo peridotite and its possible connection to the Sesia zone (Stop 3) and the significance of the oceanic cover of the Lanzo massif (Stop 4).

All locations are easily accessible, at low altitude, with walking distances no longer than about 40 minutes on small trails. This should allow plenty of time for discussion in the outcrops. Late September can still be quite warm, but be also prepared for wet and cold conditions.
Hiking boots are recommended.

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